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SmartThings Motion Sensor SmartThings Motion Sensor
The SmartThings Motion Sensor can be flexibly integrated into your home thanks to its compact dimensions. The motion sensor registers movement and temperature changes and transmits these directly to your Smart Home control centre....
Order number: GP-U999SJVLBEA
29.23€ * (RRP)
SmartThings Button SmartThings Button
With the SmartThings Button you can easily control your connected Smart Home devices at the touch of a button. The three assignable control gestures (tap once, tap twice, press hold) allow you to control multiple devices, covering a wide...
Order number: GP-U999SJVLEEA
29.23€ * (RRP)
SmartThings Outlet Type F SmartThings Outlet Type F
The SmartThings Outlet Type F allows you to integrate existing electrical appliances into the SmartThings Eco-System. You have access to the power connection of your electrical devices and can control them easily via your Smartphone,...
Order number: GP-U999SJVLFEB
43.85€ * (RRP)