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HEIMAN CO., LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise,specializing in R&D,manufacture and distribution of smart home system products, security anti-theft electronic products and fire alarm electronic products. The company owns more than 8000 square meters manufacture workshop and office space,equipped with sophisticated modern manufacture and test machinery. Now Heiman has over 300 employees, including the most professional R&D engineers in China and welleducated management team with foresights and years'security experience.


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HEIMAN Smart Smoke Sensor 2 HEIMAN Smart Smoke Sensor 2
New design. Trusted technology. The new Heiman Smart Smoke Sensor 2 replaces the first generation of the Smart Smoke Sensor (HEIEHS1SA) and captivates with a brand new design. Hopefully you will never need it, but in an emergency it will...
38.99€ * (RRP)
HEIMAN Gas Sensor HEIMAN Gas Sensor
An unnoticed gas leakage can cause a huge danger - not only for your home, but also for your life and limb. The Gas Sensor of HEIMAN protects you against escaping combustible gas by reliably warning you if a defined limit value is...
38.99€ * (RRP)
HEIMAN Indoor Siren HEIMAN Indoor Siren
If one of your security Z-Wave sensors sends an alarm you should hear this loud and clear. Now it is possible thanks to the HEIMAN Indoor Siren, which can be easily plugged into a power socket. The HEIMAN Smart Siren gives the alarm with...
38.99€ * (RRP)
HEIMAN Smoke Sensor HEIMAN Smoke Sensor
Hopefully you will never need it, but in an emergency it will not only save your belongings, but also the most important, which is life. A pot left on the stove too long, or a forgotten iron ... first smoke appears, then a fire is...
38.99€ * (RRP)