FIBARO Heat Controller (HomeKit)

FIBARO Heat Controller (HomeKit)
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The FIBARO Heat Controller manages the temperature in your room using built-in sensor and... more
Product information "FIBARO Heat Controller (HomeKit)"

The FIBARO Heat Controller manages the temperature in your room using built-in sensor and adjusts the heat level automatically following easy set-up schedules. It may also come with additional Temperature Sensor which can be connected to up to three FIBARO Heat Controllers in order to adjust the heat level more accurately.

Thermostatic Radiator Head allows to manage the heating remotely and reacts automatically to e.g. an open window.Advanced algorithms used in the FIBARO Heat Controller and their schedules will help you save up to 42% of your actual heating costs.

The FIBARO Heat Controller works with 98% of radiators available on the market and can be installed in under one minute. The USB-charged battery will last one heating season on one battery cycle.


  • Power supply: 3.7V Li-Poly battery pack (non-replaceable)
  • Charging port: micro-USB
  • Charger voltage (not included): 5V DC (±5%)
  • Minimum charger current (not included): 0.5A
  • Operating temperature: 0–40°C
  • Storage temperature (standby mode): -10–25°C
  • Maximum water temperature: 90°C
  • Temperature measuring accuracy: 0.5°C (within 0–40°C range)
  • Regulator class: Type 1 class
  • Device Firmware Class: A-grade
  • Motor protection: Impedance Protected
  • Actuator action: Linear variable position actuator
  • Actuator stroke: 5mm
  • Purpose of control: Operating control
  • Construction of control: Integrated control
  • Degree of protection by enclosure: IP20

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  • damaged packaging,
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  • missing accessories,
  • minimal signs of wear,
  • no current software version.

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Article Dimensions (WxHxL) 56 x 56 x 87 mm
Package Dimensions (WxHxL) 117 x 77.8 x 145.5 mm
Article net weight 0.106 Kg
Article gross weight 0.246 Kg
IP-Rating IP20
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