SCHWAIGER - Home4You Starterset 'Comfort'

SCHWAIGER - Home4You Starterset 'Comfort'
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With the Starterset "Comfort" of SCHWAIGER you can secure your home easily. Protect your home... more
Product information "SCHWAIGER - Home4You Starterset 'Comfort'"

With the Starterset "Comfort" of SCHWAIGER you can secure your home easily.

Protect your home with the combination of gateway, motion sensor, door/window sensor and smoke sensor. The Motion Sensor detects every movement reliably, the door/window sensor detects the status of the door or the window if it is open or closed and the Smoke Sensor recognizes early the increasing of smoke. The sensors send the information about their status to the gateway and it starts preconfigured scenes. 


  • Incl. network cable (2m)
  • Power supply: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee

Motion Sensor:

  • Incl. glue pad
  • Power supply: 1x battery (CR123A)
  • Wireless technology: ZigBee

Door/Window Sensor:

  • Incl. glue pad and magnet
  • Power supply: 2x batteries (LR03/AAA)
  • Wireless technology: ZigBee

Smoke Sensor:

  • Incl. mounting material (screws+dowels)
  • Power supply: 1x battery (CR 123A)
  • Wireless technology: ZigBee


  • Starterset contains Gateway, Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensor, Smoke Sensor
  • Gateway receives status information and ensures the intelligent network of your home
  • Motion Sensor detects movement reliably
  • Door/Window Sensor recognizes the status of the door or window
  • Smoke Sensor detects smoke early
  • Remote Control with App via Smartphone and Tablet

We would like to point out that this article is not a new product. The product has got the complete functionality and can be integrated into a Z-Wave Smart Home without restriction.

However, the product may have the following characteristics:

  • broken seal,
  • damaged packaging,
  • no original packaging
  • missing accessories,
  • minimal signs of wear,
  • no current software version.

We offer to you a guarantee of 1 year. With a possible return you receive a credit note, there is no exchange of the product.

The picture may not correspond to the scope of delivery of the product.

If you are interested in a larger quantity of used products, please contact your sales representative.

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