RMA Form

Prior to RMA

Please check the devices to be complained about before submitting an RMA application. In the following section frequently occurring problems and solution strategies are listed. Please note the separate procedure for the complaint of Fibaro and Vera gateways as well as all Zipato articles.

Inclusion error
  • Inclusion procedure was not observed
    • Observe the information in the manual.
  • Battery of the device is too low
    • Replace the battery according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Device is not in factory state
    • Follow the instructions in the manual to reset the unit to the factory settings.
  • Distance between gateway and device is too large
    • Reduce the distance between the gateway and the device to less than 3 meters.
  • Frequency differences between gateway and device
    • Check whether the gateway and the device use the same frequency band for communication.
Device does not work with the gateway
  • Incorrect or incomplete inclusion
    • Exclude the device and perform the inclusion again.
  • Incorrect configuration of parameters
    • Check the parameters of the device according to the manual.
  • Device and gateway are not compatible
Battery drains quickly
  • Poor quality of a replacement battery
    • Follow the manufacturer's instructions and use only approved batteries.
  • Device does not change to idle state
    • Follow the manufacturer's instructions to reset the device and include it again.
  • Poor connection to the gateway
    • Check the communication with the gateway and reduce the distance between the device and the gateway if necessary.
  • Device wakes up too often
    • Check the WakeUp Interval parameter and increase it if necessary.
    • Check parameters that can generate status messages and adjust them if necessary.
  • Incorrect Associations
    • Remove devices that no longer exist from the association groups.
smoke detectors false alarms
  • Battery of the device is too low
    • Replace the battery according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Insects or dust deposits
    • Clean the device according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Water/cooking steam
    • Only use the device in the rooms provided for this purpose.
  • Electromagnetic interference
    • Position the smoke detector at least 50cm from power sources.
Fibaro HomeCenter | Vera | Article by Zipato

For gateways from Fibaro and Vera (Micasa) as well as all articles from Zipato the return approval of the manufacturer is mandatory. Therefore, please contact the responsible manufacturer support first. Please note that we cannot accept returns of these items without a valid return approval.

Please note that RMA applications will not be accepted without prior verification of the above causes and without return clearance from the manufacturer (including Fibaro HomeCenter, gateways from Vera (Micasa) and all Zipato products).